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To a layperson, the specific type of brush or roller used may not seem important, but using quality tools can mean the difference between an adequate paint job and a truly outstanding paint job. Furthermore, knowing the most appropriate method of application for different situations is just as important as the quality of the tools and materials being used. Contrary to what some painters may tell you, the fastest way isn’t always the best way. Sometimes the best way is to brush and/or roll, sometimes airless spray, sometimes high-volume-low-pressure spray, or sometimes various combinations of any of these. A Brush of Class Painting, Inc. uses only the highest quality Purdy and Corona paint brushes, Wooster roller frames and wool blend roller covers, and commercial grade Spee-flo, Wagner, Titan and DeVilbiss spray equipment.  

Keeping paint off of areas where it does not belong is an important part of what professional painters do. A Brush of Class Painting, Inc. uses high quality 3M tape and masking products, and quality, heavyweight canvas drop cloths under foot.

When you earn a living standing on ladders, safety is always a priority. For my crews’ protection and that of the customers, only well maintained Type I or Type IA industrial grade extension ladders are used. My ladders are also equipped with adjustable legs for safe placement on uneven ground or stairs, and padded “ladder mitts” on the tops of the rails to protect your walls and siding from damage.

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